River Reports


Missouri River Streamer Fishing

December 9, 2021

We get a lot of folks asking about Streamer fishing on Montana’s Missouri River.To be more specific the questions are usually about timing and gear.For the later Streamer fishing on the Missouri River is good in Late April and early May then it dies down with the push of high water.The Missouri River begins to […]

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Looking forward to the 2022 Season

November 23, 2021

Thanks to all our Clients that fished and/or hunted with us in 2021.Despite the low water conditions overall fishing was pretty darn good and we cant wait to get at it again ! Missouri River Hopper Fishing August is an overlooked month to Fly-Fish Montana’s Missouri River.The last three seasons we have experienced some great […]

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Fly-Fishing Montana's Missouri River

Missouri River Fly-Fishing Update

August 27, 2021

Cooler temps have resulted in Missouri River Brown and Rainbow Trout being very happy ,that coupled with lots of Hoppers has equated to some rally good Hopper fishing.Some Tricos are still around,Caddis ,Calibaetis and Pseudos means Dry-fly Anglers have some decent Dry -Fly Shots. Streamer Fishing has also picked up and will only get better […]

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Missouri River Fly-Fishing Update

June 10, 2021

June fishing has been good.Nymph Fishing is the staple however P.M.D’s and Caddis are now starting to hatch.Things are definitely picking up as the month progresses.Overall conditions are good however low water will be the norm. for the season.This means Anglers coming to fish the Missouri River will need to bring their A-Game as presentation […]

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Hopper fishing can be great on Montana's Missouri River

Missouri River Hopper Fishing Video

May 7, 2021

This is a short Video of some Friends Fly-Fishing Montana’s Missouri River in August with Hopper Patterns.Hopper Fishing on the Missouri River can be excellent.Often we also will fish a Hopper -Dropper rigs which is a Hopper Pattern that works well on The Missouri River and a Bead Head Nymph that imitates what ever Aquatic […]

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You might need a new Fly-Line if ?

May 5, 2021

Fly-Fishers are always looking for excuse to buy stuff in hopes of enhancing their performance on stream.But sometimes a major piece of equipment goes neglected which is The Fly-Line.Fly -Rods and Reels will last a Lifetime but due to usage a Fly-Line won’t . A clean or new Fly-Line will add to your casting performance […]

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Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter

April 17, 2021

Channel & Brown Outfitting Company L.L.C. is pleased to announce our Endorsement from The Orvis Company as an Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter based out of Cascade Montana and The Missouri River. We are the first Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter with our focus on Montana’s Missouri River and we are extremely excited for what this brings to […]

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A Fly-Fisher fighting a fish on the Missouri River

Drift Boat Fly-Fishing Primer

April 16, 2021

The words “Drift Boat” will cause most Fly-Fishers to immediately go into day dream mode,fantasizing about trout filled , big Western Rivers.A float trip is usually an all day event where your Fly-Fishing trio covers some river miles all the while changing up your techniques to adjust to what the trout want to eat.Fly-Fishing from […]

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Missouri River Brown Trout

Missouri River Fly-Fishing

April 16, 2021

We have some open Dates in July for float trips Fly fishing the Missouri River ..hard to believe however they won’t last long ! July is an excellent month to Fly Fish Montana. Why ? Hatches and flows of course. Early July brings epic hatches Pale Morning Dun’s, Caddis and Trico’s. The flows are dropping […]

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Orvis Recon Fly-Rods

April 14, 2021

For a number of reasons I’m a big fan of the Orvis Recon Series Fly-Rods,I’ve put them through the grinder and they will do what they supposed to do and then some.Readers may feel that I’m somewhat biased however I look at my equipment purchases objectively,I want good gear that will stand up to the […]

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