Missouri River 2021 Fly-Fishing Forecast

Rise Form

The 2021 Missouri River Fly-Fishing Season is shaping up nicely. Currently Snow pack sits at average to slightly above which means good flows throughout the season.We must also take into account more snow accumulation and Rain before thing get rolling.Being optimistic and with more precipitation expected before things really get rolling it safe to say that the Missouri River will have average flows throughout the season.

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Brown Trout Release

Lindsey Channel will be up on the Missouri River sooner than later.L.C. starts to get busy in April while Dave will be there is mid to late May. Early Season fishing is good to excellent.Most of the time its a lot of nymphing with some Dry Fly Fishing thrown in for good measure.Streamers can also be productive.

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Lindsey with a toad Missouri River Brown Trout and a Happy Client

In the meantime stay tuned as the fishing heats up.Contact us and let’s plan a trip !

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Missouri River Rainbow Trout