Missouri River Fly-Fishing Report

Delphine and Her 22 inch Missouri River Brown Trout

Flow wise things are certainly looking up on Montana’s Missouri River which is currently flowing @ 8300ish CFS more than some of the regional experts expected. With the Inflow @ Canyon Ferry running @ 18000 CFS the Reservoir is now approaching 90% full its safe to say the snow melt coupled with recent rain in the Missouri River headwaters has been a game changer for long term Missouri River Fly-Fishing Conditions.We are very stoked about that.

Fishing Dry Flies From the Boat.

Current Missouri River Fly-Fishing Conditions

Missouri River Brown Trout

The Missouri River has been fishing good.The exception has been when there has been a bump in flows from Holter Dam but once the Missouri River Brown and Rainbow Trout adjust, they go back to eating heavily.Hatches have consisted of P.M.D.s and Caddis.Some Stoneflies are appearing in faster water.As usual the Nymph Fishing has been outstanding and the Dry Fly fishing good.Streamer fishing can also be good especially on cloudy days.As Always Contact Us to Book Your Missouri River Fly-Fishing Trip.

Dry Fly-Eater