Missouri River Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing

We get a lot of folks asking about Streamer fishing on Montana’s Missouri River.To be more specific the questions are usually about timing and gear.For the later Streamer fishing on the Missouri River is good in Late April and early May then it dies down with the push of high water.The Missouri River begins to drop in mid-late June the Missouri River Brown and Rainbow Trout are all about chasing things again.This is the time when classic “pound the banks” Fly-Fishing strategies come into play.Success is measured by chases and some big trout to go with.It can often entail being the last boat off the river or the first boat on, hoping to catch large predatory trout when they are most active which is during low light conditions.Streamer fishing on the Missouri River (or any river) is a game of persistence, you must commit to it because at some point you will get crushed by a large Missouri River trout.

A Fly-Fisher fighting a fish on the Missouri River
Missouri River Streamer fishing

Missouri River Streamer Fishing Equipment

A Fly-Fisher landing a Brown Trout on Montana's Missouri River
Bent while streamer fishing The Missouri River

Missouri River Streamer tackle is very straight forward. For Fly Rods we suggest bringing a 9 ft 7 wt Rod with Floating line and a 10-15 type 6 Sink tip.Some Folks really like using clear Intermediarte 10 ft tips also but for all around getting your fly down fast bank pounding its hard to beat the offerings from Scientific Anglers, especially when the Missouri River is on the drop or flow rates are above 5000 CFS.For Fly Reels we prefer The Large Arbor style for quick line pick up and they are able to hold a 100 yards of backing which is reassurance for hopes of hooking the Monster Missouri River Brown Trout.If you are into Streamer fishing and want to sample what the Missouri River has to offer Contact Us and we will make it happen.

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