Orvis Recon Fly-Rods

Missouri River Fly-Fishing
Lindsey Channel -Bent on a Missouri River Rainbow with a 9 ft 5 wt Orvis Recon

For a number of reasons I’m a big fan of the Orvis Recon Series Fly-Rods,I’ve put them through the grinder and they will do what they supposed to do and then some.Readers may feel that I’m somewhat biased however I look at my equipment purchases objectively,I want good gear that will stand up to the daily grind of guiding day in and out. As for Fly-Rods I need rods that I can put into beginners hands and be able to easily teach them the mechanics of Fly-casting which requires the new caster to feel the rod load and unload, or for those looking to target big fish via casting streamers the rod has to be able to handle the sink tips and big flies that streamer fishing entails.Price point is also a factor as I don’t cry as hard when a $500 Rod breaks compared to a $1000 rod, I’ve found the 2nd generation Recon Series can take a beating ..more so than the 1st generation line up.Of course I get all my equipment on guide deals however money is money and even on the Pro Deal I’m budget conscious (Lisa might disagree) as I want good affordable rods that clients and Myself can fish without compromising casting performance.

Orvis - Recon fly rod
An Orvis 9ft 7 wt Recon getting bent on a Missouri River Streamer hook up
The Result

My Orvis Recon Fly-Rod Line Up and Applications

Montana Fly-Fishing
Lisa Filigenzi hooked up while fishing Hoppers on The Missouri River

Here is a list of Orvis Recon Fly – Rods I own and what I use them for.

9 ft 4 weight x1 – Small Stream fishing entailing Nymphing,Streamer fishing and fishing Dry Flies

9 ft 5 weight x2 -These are my “go to ” boat rods for nymphing and Dry Fly fishing

9 ft 6 weight x 1 – Light Streamer and “heavy” Hopper Rod it’s a gun !

9 ft 7 weight x 2 -These are my Boat Streamer Rods I have them rigged with SA Sonic type 6 sink tips

9 ft 8 weight x1 – I bought this as for a trip to Pyramid Lake but also as a Bass and Saltwater rod & I love it

9 ft 6 weight -Bent

If You are in the market for a new Fly-Rod The Orvis Recon Fly Rod Series is well worth the look.Price wise it’s a great value ,casting wise they are all medium fast action which I.M.H.O. is the best all around action for beginner and expert Fly-Casters.The Recon Fly-Rods are all backed by Orvis’s outstanding Warranty.Now that the Orvis Recon Fly-Rods are all serialized the blank tapers are all recorded so If you break a the tip section they send you a new tip section which saves turn around time as you no longer have to ship the whole rod back to Vermont.

The Omaha Kid an Orvis Recon 7 wt and a Missouri River Brown Trout