You might need a new Fly-Line if ?

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4 weight Outfit

Fly-Fishers are always looking for excuse to buy stuff in hopes of enhancing their performance on stream.But sometimes a major piece of equipment goes neglected which is The Fly-Line.Fly -Rods and Reels will last a Lifetime but due to usage a Fly-Line won’t .

Montana Brown Trout and a Shiny new fly line

A clean or new Fly-Line will add to your casting performance aiding in your fish catching ability.Generally My heavily used Fly-Lines will last 1 Season ,other lines will last 3 years provided they are routinely cleaned.

Missouri River Fly Fishing2
A new fly-line gets tested on The Missouri River

When to change your Fly Line

You should change your Fly-Line if it is cracked ,continuously sinks and always appears to be dirty despite cleaning.To avoid untimely Fly-Lines purchases consider cleaning your line before you use or after you fish.If you fish from a Drift Boat try not to step on the line same when wading.If spraying insect repellent insure to keep it away from your line as the chemicals will melt the fly line coating. Watch the Video below for how to clean a Fly -Line.