Mission Focussed

A new entity, Channel & Brown Outfitting Company, came into its own in August of 2020.

Lindsey and Dave
Lindsey and Dave

We had a lot of discussions between the two of us regarding our vision of where this will go and what we want to accomplish with this new venture. We both agreed that we want to be focused on the Missouri River and area as opposed to running around the State of Montana from river to river, “winging it” for the sake of getting more boats in the water.

Staying focused ensures our clients the best Missouri River fly-fishing experience.

On the hunting front, we are both sticking to what we do best, ensuring our clients that they are with passionate people that are either expert Big Game Guides or expert Bird Hunting Guides as it’s hard to do both… well. We feel that this formula looks after the best interest of our clients, which this is all about.

Please check often as the fishing heats up. We will be posting reports and other tidbits of info on a regular basis.